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   Rhythm is life

‚Äčand life is rhythm

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as some of you may know, it doesn't matter whats written here. what matters is if there is something you like about this music. this music is all electronic. i've heard people say it's not real music without real instruments. "that's to bad" i say back. This is the new norm. if you have a voice it doesn't matter anymore, cause you can tweek it out to sound good if you don't have a voice. you can add and subtract anything with electronics, so what is real music now? if your music sucks you can pay to have it listed and heard, whats real about that? all i'm saying here is. i make music, i post it. yes i care about who hears it. usually good fans let me know if they like it. good fans tell me if it sucks. what about the money? "don't care"! i make music, i post it. enjoy

updated  7-1- 2018

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               welcome   to   

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