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All Electronic beats!!! That’s what’s up . Since 2002, i've been producing. I love making music, and I love putting  them online for you all to hear and enjoy. Most of my songs from 2005 to 2009 have samples and splices of songs that sound cool joined with mine, but they aren’t my best or original works of art. So since 09” , i’ve stopped with the massive samples and have created my own stuff. Recently I have started adding songs to Spotify and Soundcloud, basically everywhere online. I currently use CD Baby as my distributor and they are awesome! My mastering is done with Landr ( Not Bad). As of my music abilities, I use an AKIA mpc 2000xl  and REASON.

 it's not what you have, it's how you use it...

  • Dovey1:07
  • FP VENOM1:57
  • Escape logic2:06

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   Rhythm is life

​and life is rhythm


  • Hip Rock'n it3:04
  • T-Rock0:53