Suspense Composer (SC) is a  phenomenal producer from the United States and has been producing beats since 2002. Outstanding Instrumentals made specifically for commercials, film credits, scenes, and radio background. SC was a technician for ADLAB Records based out of Long Beach California from “01 to “03. Discovering a passion for actually making the music instead of being a tech is what drove him to producing. Currently SC has over 2000 beats, streaming and downloadable ready. has been up and running since 2012 and allows you to view all albums made from 2005 to 2013 on YouTube. SC has a wide variety of music to offer such as Classical Hip Hop, Jazzy, EDM, Dance, Trip Hop, Jungle, Rap, Hip Hop, lounge, and Chill. Influences stem from MIles Davis to Dr. Dre, Narvana to Mozart, and Michael Jackson to Donald Glaude. Always making new beats !!!

Music & videos​ all homemade 

2020 HIP HOP Status


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  • Swing That 0:36
  • Get To Work4:16
  • Kick Bricks3:30
  • FP VENOM1:57
  • The Lesson2:08
  • Cool Party3:51

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