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  keeping things on a positive note is what this website is about. music can bring many different emotions. focusing on how to keep them positive is more difficult than anything.

  I've been at this music producing thing since 2002. learned to write songs in 2005 where i also found that i'm a by ear composer. my ambition is to have some songs placed in film, tv show backgrounds, and radio commercials. hard part: getting my music out and about. thank you for viewing my site. please check out "the beat maker" page.


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   it's almost as if i don't really want the spot light with my music.  i don't make any efforts to get my music heard. i just make my music and put it out there for you to hear and enjoy. if you like it, leave a comment, or share it, and please leave a comment.

 i work a regular job like anyone else, i assume most people work... so when i do find time to jam, i indeed jam. 

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